Ever envy those people that never gain a pound of fat no matter what they eat?

...the genetic freaks that eat junk, don't exercise, and still look great?

...the guys with chiseled arms and girls with toned abs?

Stop Letting Genetics Rob You of Your Dream Body

Former fat kid turned fit pro shows you the simple steps to beat your genetics, melt away fat, and uncover lean muscle.

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Imagine this…

The alarm goes off on Monday morning.

Stumbling out of bed and into the bathroom, you brush your teeth, splash water on your face, and the mental fog begins to fade.

Your shirt, slacks, and shoes go on.

Time’s short so you grab a protein bar on your way out the door. The commute consists of breakfast, bumping Explosions in the Sky, and bobbing your head. You’re wide awake now. Ready to dominate the day.

You get to the office, give a few head nods, high fives, and fist bumps as you walk to your desk and settle in to start working.

Once lunch hits, you’re making healthy choices—a salad instead that burger and fries like Joe across the hall. Well done.

About 2:30, it’s break time. Almonds instead of chips. Another solid choice.

Even though you miss snacking on something with so much flavor it leaves your fingers tasting like sour cream and onion, you've got goals to crush.

You head to the gym after work, get situated in the squat rack, and start your workout.

By the time you get home, sink into the couch, and start House of Cards, you're exhausted. Who could blame you? You've been busy all day. And for the most part, your hard work is paying off.

Except in the gym.

You're putting in the time, hitting the weights, doing your cardio, and even eating right most of the time. But you still want bigger arms and better abs.

"Am I doing something wrong?"

"Am I not working hard enough?"

No matter how much you exercise and eat right, the body of your dreams remains just that—a dream. You want what you don't have and it feels like you’ll never get there.

You deserve more.

Meanwhile, there's Joe across the hall. He never tries and has it all. In the gym, he spends more time taking shirtless selfies, texting, and flirting than actually working out. Outside the gym, he eats that burger and fries you wanted, with a shake on the side

How on earth does he have abs?

Joe does everything wrong, yet looks godly. His arms are huge. His back's chiseled. Plus, all the abs. And that's not even the worst part—he has it all and never even have to try. How's that fair?

Well, it isn't.

People like Joe hit the genetic jackpot. And us normal people look on in jealousy, frustration, and even resentment.

I know I have.

We work hard just to look normal. They do whatever they want and look amazing. It's stupid.

But it's not your fault.

It's your parent's fault.

And their parents... and their parents. Everybody from the natural chubsters to the skinny fat have genetics to thank—or blame. Before you ever took your first breath, your genetic code etched into your DNA.

That code makes you who you are. The color of your eyes, the curl of your hair, dimples, a cleft chin, a widow's peak—all genetics.

Your body type? Also genetics.

Unless you're one of the genetically gifted, losing fat and gaining muscle is exhausting. You spin your wheels, but never feel like there's any traction. So you resort to extreme strategies, grit your teeth, and try harder. But it isn't sustainable.

Even if you see some progress, it's underwhelming. Before long, you can't keep up with the impossibly difficult plan.

You're sick of living in the gym and miss eating gooey chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. You dial it back to something more "normal," and lose all the progress you made.

You're left tired, frustrated, and without the arms or abs you want.

It's hard not to start hating the people that never have to try, blaming your genetics, losing hope that you'll ever reach your goals, and considering giving up on them altogether.

And I get it. I don't even blame you, because I know those feels all too well.

I've Been There

Genetics were never on my side. (Well, not for fitness at least. I do have a thick head of insanely soft hair, so my genetics aren't all bad.)

I was always a bigger kid. And painfully aware of it.

Growing up, I was extremely self conscious about my size. Middle school made that even worse. Before Placerita Junior High School, I hadn't changed in front of anybody besides my older brother. And that was only because we shared a room.

But then I started 7th Grade.

We had PE every day where we'd change out of our school uniforms and into gym clothes. Every student out on the track, field, or in the gym sported the same cheap iron-on shirts and bright blue shorts. It was probably even less fashionable than you're imagining.

My self consciousness became more and more apparent every time I took off my shirt in the locker room. A lot of the other kids hit their growth spurts, got taller, lost fat, and built muscle. Meanwhile, I stayed round-faced, round bellied, and embarrassed.

I was a chubster. Always had been. Now I was painfully aware of it.

Sharing the locker room with Dan only made things worse.

He's a genetic freak. Athleticism is in his blood.

His dad played basketball and his mom was a track star.

In middle school, his brother was the star running back for the high school team. His sister ran track. And his oldest brother was off at Harvard on a football scholarship.

Yeah, it wasn’t just the athletic jackpot, they were geniuses too. He was barely even a teenager and already jacked. As if middle school isn't hard enough on self esteem and body image, I had to see a shirtless Dan every day. Us normal kids looked on in awe. Some guys even asked him to flex.

He'd squeeze his fists, his biceps would bulge, and they'd gawk. Then, in a voice that was equal parts excitement, laughter, and surprise, he'd add in, "and I don't even work out."

Jerk. Thanks for twisting that dagger, Dan.

It came naturally for him.

He won the genetic lottery and his prize was clear to see.

Then there's me.

I gain weight just looking at a piece of chocolate cake. And when I'd change for PE, my genetic curse was clear to see.

I had always known I was chubby. Big boned. Husky. (I used all those delicate descriptors.)

But then I learned it was worse. Much worse.

A Rude Awakening

It was the health screening day in gym class. Instead of the usual physical education, a service came to perform a basic check up on the students. It was pretty simple. We lined up and they tested us for things like scoliosis and lordosis, took our height and weight, calculated our BMI, and told us the results.

But what do middle school kids do when they're stuck in lines? They gossip. A lot. Anyone that waited in line to go see The Divergent Series knows that.

When you'd get back in line after a screening, the buzz was about who had scoliosis and who didn't...

"Did you pass?"


"Jessie didn't."

Other people excitedly bragged about about how tall they were or how little they weighed. I stood in line quietly dreading my BMI calculation.

It was the last test. But regardless of when it happened, I knew my BMI wouldn't "pass." I hoped nobody would ask about it, but it was false hope. Everybody would.

When the time came, I nervously stepped up to the woman that held my fate—in the form of a chart—in her hands. I gave her the card that had my height and weight, she examined it, looked at her BMI chart, and gave me the news.

I wasn't just chubby. I wasn't just overweight.

I was borderline obese.

She could sense my devastation and tried to rationalize the results. She said it was just baby fat and it'd probably go away when I hit puberty. But I wasn't listening. Only one word bounced around my head—obese.

For a self-conscious chubster already ashamed to take off his shirt, hearing obese used as a description and classification crushed me. Even if it was borderline. I was a teenager but flirting with obesity more than Leah Powers. (Gotta love those middle school crushes, right?)

As I stepped outside, I was greeted with the question I hoped I wouldn't hear, "Whad'ya get?"

I shied away from answering. Which was an answer in and of itself. Everybody else bragged about being normal weight. And I avoided talking about it. I was embarrassed. Science just proved what I always feared to be true.

I was fat.

Not chubby, not big boned, not husky. Fat.

It hurt.

And it wasn't fair. People like Dan have a perfect body—without even trying. Meanwhile, I had a growing gut beneath baggy shirts and no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't go away.

I exercised. I played sports. I even put Identity Crisis on and did endless crunches on my bedroom floor. Nothing worked. It never mattered how active I got, how much football I played, or how many crunches I did, nothing changed.

Fighting the chub was futile; a constant battle I always lost.

It was as if I was destined to be self conscious every time I took my shirt off in public. So I stopped. I starting wearing rash guards at the beach, at the lake, and even at the community pool.

Because I couldn't change how I looked, I covered it up.

For years, I wasted countless hours fighting that losing battle. It left me completely discouraged, fed up, and frustrated. I was ready to stop trying. But then I discovered the simple strategies that transformed my life.

The Discovery That Changed Everything

At first, I was doing what a lot of people do. I tore workouts out of magazines and asked my good friend, Google, for nutrition advice. Even though I gave it my all in the gym, I saw minimal results. And no matter how many carbs I cut, I never looked the way I wanted.

I was stuck.

And I remained stuck until I discovered science-backed strategies that let me start living and looking like the genetic freaks I used to envy. I…

  • skipped breakfast every day.
  • did about 45–60 minutes of cardio... per week.
  • ate what I wanted—all my favorite foods that had been taboo in conventional diets.
  • ate when I wanted—late at night, sometimes right before bed.

That's when things took off.

That's when I started beating my bad genetics.

I lost inches off my waistline. I packed on slabs muscle. And I developed a new brand of confidence. The embarrassment I used to feel at the beach became excitement. Where I once had rolls, I revealed ripples. I didn't just get in shape, I transformed. And my life has never been the same.

I discovered the simple strategies, backed by science, that took me (a natural chubster) and gave me the body I always wanted.

They worked for me.

They work for the people I help beat bad genetics, shed unwanted fat, and build lean muscle.

They'll work for you.

Plus, now I have years worth of experience helping hundreds of people. I've refined and perfected these strategies to maximize your results. They were effective for me, but now they're even more effective for you.

Stan's a gym owner and world-record holding powerlifter. But life got busy and he stopped taking care of himself. He ate pure junk, didn't train, and felt like he was letting himself slip. Then he decided it was time to transform. He packed on pounds of lean muscle and shed fat. All while enjoying his pizza, beer, and cookies.


Becca played rugby in college. She loved being fit. But somewhere in the shuffle of working multiple jobs, she lost her motivation. She wanted to bring back the old Becca, feel and look her best and brightest, and look killer at her brother's wedding. In one month she lost over 11 pounds of fat and "learned a new degree of self-control,  self-love, and self-mastery."


Neal was just like a lot of people. He wanted to lose fat and build a bit of muscle. But going it alone wasn't working. Then he decided to be BENTRAINED and his hard work finally started paying off. His traps exploded out of his collar, he set new PRs in the gym, and he shed pounds of fat.


Skylar was a full-time student, a newlywed, and working. With his busy schedule, he tried to keep in shape. But jogging mile after mile left him feeling weak and looking skinny fat. We changed that. By spending less time on cardio, he got leaner, stronger, and saved himself much needed time.



Results like that are more than amazing—they're the norm.

I don't care what what your genetics want, I want you to have it all.

The body of your dreams and the life you've always wanted.

But a conventional, cookie-cutter fitness and nutrition plan won’t do. Regardless of what headlines suggest, there is no magic bullet, secret, or trick that works for everybody.

Everything in the fitness industry can work, but you need the thing that'll work best for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. You need a personalized program. That's how you'll end up looking like the genetically gifted.  

And this is your opportunity to make it happen.

Will you seize it? Or will you let this opportunity, bigger arms, and better abs pass you by?


Working with Ben, I not only immediately felt comfortable and found the strength to lift the weights, but the strength within myself to know I could achieve all that I wanted.


BENTRAINED coaching programs are all about you, your goals, and your success. I'm your coach—giving you everything you need to see jaw-dropping results. But I'm also in your back pocket every step of the way—rooting you on, helping you back up if you stumble, and giving you the highest of fives when you succeed.

Take a moment to think about the body of your dreams...

How will your life change when that dream becomes a reality?

What will your life be like if it doesn't?

Don't let genetics keep you from your dream. You deserve more than that. You deserve a program that gets results. That uses simple strategies to help you lose fat, build muscle, and look amazing.

You deserve the body of your dreams.

It's time to uncover it.

It's time to be BENTRAINED.


I think the most important contribution to my training that Ben made was helping me find a confidence in myself that I didn’t have before. Of all the coaches I’ve had over the years, I think Ben was the best.

Kelly, former collegiate athlete

What You'll Get

  • Customized training and nutrition programs.

No more cookie-cutter programs. These programs are custom-made to you.

  • Personalized coaching.

No two people are the same. Different people need different coaching.

  • Fitness on your terms.

No more scheduling nightmares with your trainer. Want to hit the gym at midnight? Go for it.

  • Follow up and accountability.

This isn't a rotisserie oven—we won't set it and forget it. I'm here to make sure you're killing it every single week.


Ben was truly one of the most inspirational teachers I've ever had.  He truly taught me a great deal and was the catalyst for my success in fitness. I gained 9 lbs of lean muscle in just over a month. I still use his methods to this day. Ben is a great teacher, trainer, and mentor and I would recommend him to anyone!


It's 100% Risk Free

Your results are absolutely critical. If you aren't happy with your first month of coaching, I'll give you a full refund. And because I want you to succeed, I'll even help you find another coach that's a better fit. You've got nothing to lose—you know, besides unwanted body fat.

Don't just train. Be BENTRAINED.

Real Talk

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